Blown glass modules 

These modules are volumes blown in the workshop in iron molds. They can be of different shapes (cubes, tubes, parallelepipeds, etc.). Their dimensions can range from 10 to 18 cm per side. They are used to fit together to form sets.

The colors themselves vary, in each module like one module to another, and thus, over large areas, form very careful gradations.

In some cases, they can be filled with water at different levels (according to a chemical preparation studied to be unalterable), which changes the shimmer of the light passing through them.

In the case of fountains (as in "the Sharing of waters", exhibited in the gardens of the Residence of the French Ambassador to Tunisia), the cubes are connected together, horizontally or vertically, by small transparent plastic pipes. , so as to allow circulation of water inside, which can be in a closed circuit.

In the "Gouttière" installation project, the tubes (13 x 60 cm) are fitted into each other and half embedded in a concrete colored in the mass and engraved. Air bubbles are blown in from the bottom so that they rise continuously over the entire height (8 m).

Assembled together or integrated into concrete walls, these modules form fountains, windows, screens, kitchen or bathroom walls.


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