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Cast Glass Modules

Molten glass is poured into a steel mold, which is shaped by hand with pliers.
In the form of slabs, these modules, whose dimension varies from 3 to 12 cm per side, and 8 to 15 mm in thickness, can be of various sizes: square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, etc.
These slabs can be inserted into the floor as a cabochon at the intersection of marble slabs. They can also be mounted in friezes, horizontal or vertical inside tiled surfaces, in bathrooms or kitchens.
Finally, they have the possibility of being mounted inside a wrought iron structure to form a panel for a partition or a screen. Inlaid in white cement, they can make coffee tables for living room or bench tops for a kitchen.Finally, some of these modules also come in the form of bas-reliefs (up to 17 cm long), the arrangement of which, in separate or assembled elements, is left to the decorator's free disposal.

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