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2000: Assistant teacher at the School of Fine Arts of Sfax

1995: Diploma of in-depth research in Sciences and Techniques of the Arts (School of Fine Arts, Tunis)

1983 - 1984: Internship with the company SEGUSO in Murano (Italy)

1983: Masters in arts sciences and techniques (School of Fine Arts, Tunis).Les belles histoires ont du caractère.  


2019: Vice-President of the Administrative Council of the IFPC at UNESCO

2018: creation of the artistic current "Émouvance des Émouvants"

2018: Thesis by Yosr Ben Yahmed Skandaji, Meeting between design and craftsmanship in contemporary artistic practices in Tunisia. Case studies: Sadika Keskes and Mohamed Njeh. Higher School of Design Science and Technology, Nabeul Tunisia

2017: creation of the Po-Po event: Contemporary art in Tunisia, a possible potential or between potential and possible with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

2017: press trip to Tunisia, specializing in contemporary art, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts

2016: Tunisian candidate for the UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh 2016 prize for the promotion of tolerance and non-violence. The Prize was established in 1995 to mark the United Nations Year for Tolerance and the 125th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.

2016: round table, University & Culture: the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research brought together six intellectuals to reflect on the subject.

  2016: creation of the "fairy hands" festival bringing together young emerging Tunisian brands with a design exhibition in partnership with ESTED and the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts, two sales per year

2015: participates in the Mediterranean, in the "clandestine integration" action

2015: creation of the month of Tunisian prints, one session per year

2015: ranked by UNESCO among the top 10 cultural entrepreneurs in the world.

2014: creation of the Sa'Al publishing house, editorial line on contemporary art and design

2011: Creation of the association "Femmes Show Your Muscles", in connection with the Paul Klee exhibition and the Tunisian carpet

2012: Creation of the cultural event "anouARTounes" in collaboration with Mahmoud Chelbi, following the tragic event of the "Printemps de Art de la Marsa"

2009: creation and management of the economic interest group: "DAR D’ART"

2008: Voluntary audit of the Center for the Rehabilitation of Crafts by FLO,


From 2007 to 2010: volunteer reception of the Printemps des Arts in my Art space, EAS

2005: Meeting of glassmakers from the Mediterranean in partnership with UNESCO

1999: creation of the Espace Art Sadika

1999: date of creation of the Center for the Rehabilitation of Crafts, a responsible company

1998: creation of the company Verre Soufflé Sadika

1984: reintroduction in Tunisia of the work of blown glass by the creation of a workshop for the manufacture of blown glass; abandoned since the 14th century, which today has asserted itself as an aesthetic and technical school in its own right


2019: Participation in the Segou’Art biennial

2018: Act of light, solo exhibition, Pozzo Etrusco museum, Perugia, Italy

2018: Paul Klee and the Tunisian carpet, at the gates of abstraction, Giuditta Brozzetti Workshop Museum, Perugia, Italy

2018: strange dignity, installation on the beach of the island of Korea, in tandem with Mouna Jmel Siala

2017: Untitled, installation on the beach of Lampedusa

2017: The tombs of dignity, installation on the beach of Gammarth

2016: "Eternal prayer" work commissioned by the Hammamet cultural center

2015: “Wall”, Grand Palais, Parishttp: //

2014: "Paul Klee and the Tunisian carpet" exhibition space art Sadika, Tunisia

2013: The sharing of waters, Hammamet cultural center, Tunisia (donation)

2013: Installation, Maison des arts, Tunisia (donation)

2013: Epi d´or, wall installation, Sousse, Tunisia

2013: “Mirage” Land Art installation, Tozeur Chott El Jerid, Tunisia

2012: “Tombeaux”, installation, Kasserine, Tunisia

2011: “Palmerai”, permanent monumental installation, FAO, Rome

2011: “Door” writing of fire, FAO, Rome

2010: "Sharing childhood", exhibition Palais des Nations, Geneva

2010: "Water passage", Hotel Moevimpik Sousse, Tunise

2010: "Flying carpet" and "Serenity", two monumental works integrated into architecture, Tunisia

2010: “Les Blancs”, installation for Le Printemps des Arts de la Marsa, Tunisia

2009: “Snapshots of Tibet”, photography exhibition in Paris (Librairie la Terrasse de Gutenberg) and in Tunis (Espace Sadika)

2008: - "Le Partage des eaux", "Suns I & 2", International Exhibition on Water and the Environment, Zaragoza 2008, (Spain)

- Exhibition in the framework of "Invitation to Tunisia", Aubenas Castle, Aubenas

- "Life in progress", in "D’air et de vent", 5th Mediterranean Biennial of Arts of the city of Tunis, Palais Kheireddine, Tunis

- Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, "Maghreb, new design, ornament and modernity", Algiers (Algeria)

- "Workshop Moment", in "The Other and Me", Exhibition of the Union of Tunisian Visual Artists, Ibn Khaldoun Cultural Center, Tunis

2006: - Immixtio manuum, sculpture, Contemporary Art Biennial of Tunis, Palais Kheireddine, Tunis

            - "Méharée", participation in the International Snow Sculpture, Quebec

2005: Exhibition at the French Cultural Center in Bratislava (Slovakia)

           -Exhibition at the Paris City Hall as part of the Maghreb des livres (Paris)

           - Purchase of a wrought iron and glass paste stele by the Ministry of Culture for the future museum of contemporary art in Tunis.

2004: "Le Partage des eaux", fountain-sculpture in glass and concrete cubes, collective exhibition "Art in the garden", Residence of the French ambassador in Tunisia, La Marsa (Tunisia)

2002: Exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center of Larissa (Greece)

2002: Exhibition in Stavanger and Oslo (Norway)

2002: Exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center of Larissa (Greece)

2001: "Arts and Crafts", Seat of the European Parliament, Brussels (Belgium)

2001: Crafts in Tunisia (SEMA Gallery- Viaduc des Arts, Paris (France)

2000: "Carrousel of Crafts and Creation", Louvre Museum, Paris (France)

2000: Exhibition of various works, Ecomusée "La Mailloche", Quebec (Canada)

2000: Exhibition of various works, Ecomusée "La Mailloche", Quebec (Canada)

2000: "Circle of life" and "We can eliminate them" (opening of the Espace Art Sadika, Tunis)

1999: "Parcours du verre" exhibition and purchase of research on Punic glass manufacturing techniques, Saint-Lambert Museum (Belgium)

1999: "Une Trace" (glass paste work), Vatican Museum.

1998: "Small catalog of barbarian nations" (Espace Morsiglia, Corsica)

1998: "Small catalog of barbarian nations" (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

1998: "Small catalog of barbarian nations" (Espace Art Sadika, Tunis)

Purchase of a glass paste work by the Ministry of Culture for the future museum of contemporary art in Tunis.

1998: Creation of a glass and silver chalice for Pope John Paul II, Vatican Museum.

1997: "Urban space and furniture" under the aegis of UNESCO, on the occasion of the opening of the year "Tunis, cultural capital"

1996: "Glass, ceramics and porcelain", Oslo (Norway)

1995: "Miscellaneous work", on the occasion of the Peace Conference, Washington Senate (United States)

1994: "Miscellaneous work", on the occasion of the International Women's Conference, Beijing (China)

1992: "Plastic space", as part of a university cultural program (Tunis)


2020-2019: "MAT" An Art and Design Think tank, around Tunisian crafts, The designer, actor of social, ecological and cultural transformation (in progress)

2020: "My revolution in image" a virtual museum of the Tunisian revolution, in the form of a virtual platform, built in a community way since all Tunisians can contribute (in progress)

2018: Three-day workshop, Cluster of Excellence Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, BACHELOR’S SEMINAR 2017-2018 Prof. Dr. Patricia Ribault, Geniuses of Work. Figures of creativity in Arts, Crafts and Sciences

2017: UNESCO CHAIR “Memory of living professions” Workshop to reflect on

renewal of the UNESCO chair, definition of the archeology of trades and study perspectives; CNAM Paris

2014: "Paul Klee and the Tunisian carpet" At the gates of abstraction, preface Sadika KESKES, Alain NADAUD and Jean LANCRI

(Sa´Al, Editions, Tunis)

2010: "Sadika KESKES, glass, art and life, magazine" GLASS science, technology, industry, products, art, history ", Paris

2010: UNESCO to participate in the exhibition "When culture talks business" Monza, Italy

2010: Towards an archeology of gesture, Center George Pompidou, The IRI Research and Innovation Institute "Gesture as language"

2009: “For an archeology of trades” reflection which is the basis of the creation of the UNESCO chair “Living memory of arts and crafts”, CNAM Paris

2008: "From a subject, to its disappearance", conference with Alain Nadaud, "Interface", Amphithéâtre Bachelard, Université Paris-Sorbonne

2008: The artisanal revolution: A march towards the cultural revolution, RMA

2005: The traveling glass, UNESCO

2002: "Sadika, itinerary of a glass artist", preface and interview with Alain Nadaud (Simpact Editions, Tunis)

2000: "History of glass in Tunisia", by Mohamed Yacoub (ed. Noir sur blanc, Tunis): a chapter devoted to his work.

2000: Conference "Techniques of manufacturing punic glasses", National Institute of Heritage, Tunis

1999: Publication and conference at the International Association for the History of Glass, Venice (Italy)

1999: Conference on "Creative experience in glass" Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Tunis

1998: "Small catalog of barbarian nations", collective work with Alain Nadaud and Dominique Médard, Ed. Simpact / L’Or du temps (Tunis)

1995: "Mains de femmes", publication by UNESCO of a book dedicated to six women around the world, on the occasion of the IV World Conference of Women, September 4 to 15, Beijing (China)

1995: "Aspersoir" and "Censoir". Printing of two postage stamps from the Republic of Tunisia.

FILMS and other media

2020: documentary produced for TV5 Monde (France)

2019: - Daily "Saluburger Nachrichten" 95.000ex, Austria, 25.05.2019, Sabrina Glas.


From the apology of beauty to the praise of emotion in contemporary art, the evening of Algeria

2018: - "L'émouvance des émouvants", a new artistic movement born in Tunisia,, Belgium

2018: From the apology of beauty to the praise of emotion in contemporary art,, Canada

2018: Advocacy for a renewal in motion: From the borders of so-called "contemporary" art to its transcendence,, Mohamed Benkhalifa, Canada

2017: - ARTENSION magazine number 147, France

- L’Herne, Cahier Michon, publication of the sculpture imixiomanum, France

- Glass dictionary, Van Lith, VIAL edition, France

- ArtsHebdoMédia, three articles by Marie-Laure Desardins, France: Paths of freedom and mirrors of truth / The quicksilver of Tunisian creation /


- Paris Match, citizen in resistance by Anne Laure Le Gall

- Géopolis France Info, Tunisia: "Tombs of dignity" for all migrants who died in me, by Laurant Ribadeau Dumans

- L’ECLECTIQUE magazine, “Culture is a direct fight against fundamentalism” - Interview with artist Sadika Keskes, by Sarah Anouar

- L’ECLECTIQUE magazine, “PoPo - Contemporary Art in Tunisia”

- VOXeurop, CONTEMPORARY ART AND MIGRATION: Sadika Keskes ’tribute to victims of the sea, by Alexandra Bouchrifi

- Radio RFI platform, Contemporary art in Tunisia, by Refka Payssan

- KAPITALIS: Contemporary art: the tombs of dignity, on the front page

- Documentary, by Gilles Trichard "Les tombeaux de la dignité", Performance by Sadika Keskes

- Documentary, Tombs of Dignity, by Olivier Poivre d´Arvor

- Lead, Women Show Your Muscles, by Gilles Trichard

- Artistik Rezo, A trip to discover contemporary art in Tunisia with Sadika Keskes, by Alexandra Boucherifi

2017: TARABUST edition in partnership with EAS, Alain Nadaud, the requirement to write, Paris University Nanterre

2016: BBC News

2014: Tnet: Design exhibition, Tunis

2014: UNESCO, as part of International Women's Day, launched an online interview with three women from around the world:

Sadika Keskes, Tunisian designer

Muriel Mayette-Hotz, general administrator of the Comédie-Française (France)

Yaba Badoe, fiction writer and journalist from Ghana

2012, 2013,2014: several documentaries for Radio and Television.

2012: la GAZETTE, FAO review, March 2012 issue, Italy

2011: France Culture "La Grande Table"

2011: National TV program "The successes" broadcast throughout the Arab world

2010: France Culture program recorded with Colette Fellous for

2010: Luxe TV

2010: Sundance Chanel, television in the United States

2008: Film directed by George Lazar, Al Jazira culture

2002: Film produced by the Office for the Protection of Artistic and Intellectual Property, Geneva (Switzerland)

2000: documentary for the series "Artisans du Monde" (co-production Béta production (France), ERTT (Tunisia), Office national de l'artisanat (Tunisia). Broadcast on TV 5, A 5, A 3, FR 3, Canadian television , etc.

2000: documentary produced for ARTE (France)

1987/1989/1993: documentaries directed by Jean-Claude Darrigo for the programs "Matin Happiness" on France 2

1986: "The art of fire", program produced for the International Festival of Carthage

Since 1986: several documentaries for the Tunisian Radio Television.

2011: National TV program "The successes" broadcast on all the Arab World 2o11: